Vikas Dubey’s wife Richa justifies his ‘Killing’, says he ‘deserved this fate’

Gangster Vikas Dubey’s wife Richa Dubey said her husband “deserved this fate” as he was wrong in whatever he did throughout his life. Richa had come with her son to Bhairoghat to attend the cremation rituals of Vikas Dubey who was encountered on July 10 by the UP Police.

Brijesh Srivastava, the Superintendent of Police informed that Vikas Dubey’s brother-in-law Dinesh Tiwari performed the last rites at the electric crematorium amidst tight security

Dubey was killed in an encounter on Friday morning by Uttar Pradesh police, who claims he tried to escape after the car carrying him from Ujjain overturned.

Vikas Dubey was the mastermind who planned the killing of eight policemen on July 2 when they were going to arrest him at Bikru village.

Both Vikas’ father and mother have distanced themselves from him. Vikas’s father Ram Kumar Dubey justified police action and said, “Whatever police did was right”.

Wanted in more than 16 murder charges and dozens of other serious crimes, Vikas was the darling of the politicians who used him for their agenda every now and then. Now that he is dead, the political parties started alleging foul play by the police.  

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