UPSC 2019: ‘Rahul Modi’ secures rank ‘420’

What can be termed as a unique coincidence, a candidate named Rahul Modi has also cracked the UPSC exams! And he secured rank 420 in the overall merit list.

Interestingly, both his name and the rank he secured are unique in themselves.

In the pretext of the current political scenario in India, Rahul and Modi are household names. The only difference is that those who love Rahul, hate Modi. And those who love Modi, hate Rahul. Therefore, a name called Rahul Modi automatically draws attention.

Also, the number 420 is synonymous with fraudulent activities. Once again, a household term, 420 is often used for people who are indulged in forgeries and similar activities.

However, keeping the comedy aside, Rahul Modi definitely deserves all the wishes and accolades for his talent and hard work. UPSC is one of the toughest exams in India and cracking it is no joke by any means.

All the best, Rahul Modi!

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