The ‘Intellectually Innocent’ Rahul Gandhi should introspect before alleging the 23 Congressmen

Rahul Gandhi is angry. He is angry because some of his party members showed their dissent against the leadership. Some of the loyal Congressmen chose to write a letter and demand a change at the leadership. Indeed, its a matter of great concern for Rahul Gandhi. How dare these Congressmen to try to exercise their right? How dare these congressmen to demand democracy in a dictatorship system?

Well, Rahul Gandhi has clarified that he is not angry with the letter, but the timing of the letter. As per Rahul Gandhi, how can the party members write a letter of dissent to her mother Sonia Gandhi, the interim president of the Congress Party, when she was in the hospital?

Oh, now the statement has come that Rahul Gandhi is not at all angry. It is the media that is spreading the fake news of Rahul’s anger. The media must not do this. See, even a veteran like Kapil Sibal got confused that Rahul Gandhi was angry and he accused the 23 dissent letter writers of colluding with BJP. Not only that, Kapil Sibal got so confused that he even tweeted that he has been protecting the Congress Party for the last 30 years and has never ever vouched for BJP’s remarks. But, Kapil Sibal has understood now. He got the confusion cleared. Kapil Sibal has even deleted his tweet. Everything is normal at the Congress Party now.

But, is everything really normal at the Congress Party? And shouldn’t Rahul Gandhi ask this question from himself?

What is the harm if those 23 senior party members write to Sonia Gandhi and demand a complete overhauling at the leadership. Why it shouldn’t happen. Congress has today shrunk to below 50 sheets in the Lok Sabha. It has shrunk to have only 2 states with complete governance. It has shrunk to become the party of the third choice for regional parties who even hesitate to form alliance with it. And this all happened in the last 10 years. Apparently, Rahul Gandhi’s social life has now completed 16 years.

So, why one should not attribute all these failures to Rahul Gandhi. Why Rahul Gandhi should always be attributed to successes, if at all. And why senior party leaders like Manmohan Singh and Kapil Sibal should listen and follow Rahul Gandhi who could not even win an election on its own, forget about winning an election for the party.

As Suhel Seth describes, Rahul Gandhi is an ‘intellectually innocent’ person. And if that is the case, this intellectually innocent person should introspect what he is doing in the politics. Because Rahul Gandhi is not only a threat to himself for the whole Congress Party.

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