Rajasthan Political Crisis: Was it all staged?

The way Sachin Pilot has moved back towards Ashok Gehlot and his government in Rajasthan raises some doubts over all the drama that was being played for the last 40 days. It was a high-voltage drama with tragedy, emotion, betrayal, action, and then a happy ending. Indeed, it was a perfect script for a Bollywood blockbuster. However, the problem is that the movie ended just before the climax.

An attempt to reestablish Rahul Gandhi’s credibility

Indeed, the drama appears to be staged. No doubt, the Congress Party is struggling to find a suitable match for its leadership position. The obvious and the unanimous choice is, of course, Rahul Gandhi. However, Rahul rejected the offer. And this forced Sonia Gandhi to take control of everything before the regional forces start claiming their ownership. Now that Sonia Gandhi has managed the voices rising from different corners within the party (people like Sanjay Jha shown the doors), she now wants Rahul to again take the leadership position. But for that, she would require the party to believe in Rahul’s managerial abilities, which, unfortunately, has been a matter fo concern for many.

So, in all possibilities, this could have happened that Sonia and her ‘Man-Friday’ Ahmed Patel chalk out a tried and tested plan. The central leadership asks Sachin Pilot to revolt against the state leadership. It then asks the Rajasthan CM to go all out against the rebel MLAs. It then cooks a ‘conspiracy story’ where BJP becomes the villain. The leadership also asks the state-wise party cadre to protest against BJP for destroying democracy in the nation. And then finally it plants Rahul Gandhi as the man who is working hard to save the face of the grand old party and its credibility. And then one fine day, Rahul Gandhi succeeds in convincing Sachin Pilot to return to his home. Rahul becomes the hero of the Congress Party who successfully managed one of the biggest political crises in the history of India.

The unanswered angles of the Pilot-Gehlot drama

If this story is not true, then there are many questions that remain unanswered in this whole episode.

The Truth of the audiotape: MLA Bhanwar Lal Sharma says no phone call happened and the story of an audiotape was a lie. Why did Randeep Surjewala lie? Whom did they want to defame? And if Bhanwar Lal Sharma was the party of that conspiracy, why he is back to the party? Why no action against Bhanwar Lal Sharma?

Was it really about ideology for Sachin Pilot: After meeting Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Sachin Pilot said that the issues were ideological and it was necessary to raise them. If that was the case, Sachin Pilot could have raised the issues in any of the meetings with Sonia Gandhi, or Rahul Gandhi, or even Priyanka Gandhi Varda with whom Sachin shares a very emotional relation. Was it necessary to create all this ruckus? And, now that he decides to return, is he able to safeguard his ideologies?

Why waste the time of Supreme Court, High Court, and the Governor: The high-voltage drama also involved the legislature and the judiciary of the nation. There were FIRs and counter FIRs. Then there were cases filed in the courts and hearings happened. The questions were also raised against the functionality of the constitutionally-appointed dignitaries. Why? Are Constitution and Judiciary jokes for the Congress Party?

There are many more serious questions that this entire drama has raised about the though-process of the Congress Party. However, all said and done, the mission was indeed accomplished. Rahul Gandhi’s credibility has been reestablished successfully. He is certainly going to be the next Congress President and the PM candidate in the 2014 general elections.

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