Patanjali Ayurved claims to have developed “Cure to Corona”, Ayush Ministry asks not to advertise till further notice

Is the medicine to cure coronavirus found? Well, it seems so, as claimed by YogGuru Baba Ramdev-owned Patanjali Ayurved. Patanjali today launched an Ayurvedic medicine kit that is capable of treating COVID19 infection within 7 days. Baba Ramdev informed that the medicines are named “Coronil and Swasari” and they are developed based on research and trials conducted on 280 patients across the country.

In a press conference organized to announce the launch of the Corona Kit, Baba Ramdev claimed, “the test conducted on 280 COVID-19 infected patients showed that 69% of the patients recovered by the third day and 100% patients recovered by the seventh day”.  

Patanjali Ayurved informed that it formed a collaboration with the National Institute of Medical Sciences or NIMS University, Jaipur, in the project.

However, the Ministry of Ayush has cleared that it has not yet given any approval to the medicines developed by Patanjali Ayurved. Ministry of Ayush also asked Baba Ramdev and his company not to advertise the medicine as “Cure to Coronavirus”. The ministry said that it will investigate the claims made by the YogGuru. If found true, only then the company would be able to advertise and sell the medicine in the market.

It is important here to note that the work on developing a vaccine for coronavirus is still going on. Many countries have asked their doctors and researchers to find out the cure for this deadly virus. However, the work is still one and no country claimed to find the cure so far. In that case, if this medicine by Patanjali Ayurved proves to be true on its claims, it will be a big achievement for India and the world.

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