MS Dhoni turns 39: 5 things that his opponents fear about him

As the Captain Cool of India Mahendra Singh Dhoni turns 39 today, the scene of the 2011 World Cup-winning shot suddenly floats in front of the eyes. Making India the best Cricket team in the world in all formats to reviving India’s fighting spirits, there are many things that MS Dhoni has done for the nation. Though his presence on the field has reduced significantly, there is no doubt that the energy he carries, is always enough to put the opponent into immense pressure.

What is it all about MS Dhoni that surprises the opponent team? Let’s discuss 5 such elements that Dhoni carries on the field.

A Captain who leads from the front

Dhoni has never shied away from showing his leadership capabilities. Many times, he has led the team single-handedly to win crucial games. When in crisis, he takes the onus on himself, when the team wins, he credits his teammates for the performance. It is this ability the many opponents fear and respect as well.

The One-man Army

Dhoni carries a team in himself. He is a brilliant planner. And he doesn’t need a team to execute his plans. He can take on the opponent single-handedly. Such is the brilliance that MS Dhoni carries on to the field.

Taking the game to the edge

Dhoni is a master of pressure tactics. He knows when the opponent would break down under the pressure. And accordingly, Dhoni shifts his gears in the game. He loves to take the game to the edge. Dhoni knows what his strengths are.

A perfect finisher

Dhoni loves to complete the game. He seldom leaves a game in between. He has always tried to finish the game and he has succeeded in doing so most of the time. His opponents know that till Dhoni is there on the pitch, nothing is impossible.

A cool-headed team player

No matter what, Dhoni has never put himself above his team. In spite of all the capabilities and talent, the best thing about Dhoni is that he never loses his cool. He knows his team well and also knows when to use which arsenal. He is a true team player.

Dhoni is a legend, a glorious character in the history of Indian cricket. We wish MS Dhoni a very Happy Birthday!  

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