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Modi warns China, says expansionism era is over

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi dared China to stop its expansionism-oriented approach. PM Modi gave this message to China from Ladakh when he made a sudden visit to the army base at Nimu in Leh.

Narendra Modi went to Ladakh to pay tribute to the 20 brave soldiers who lost their lives during a fight with the Chinese Army in the Galwan Valley on June 15. Modi also visited the army hospital to meet the injured soldiers. He spoke to them and boosted their morale.

While addressing the soldiers, PM Narendra Modi warned China and said the era of expansionism in over. The world now knows how expansionism has hampered humanity. The world has today come together to defeat those who still propagate expansionism.

Praising the valor of the Indian armed forces, the Prime Minister said, “The bravery of 14 Corps will be talked about everywhere. Tales of your bravery and valor are echoing in every house in the country.” He stated that the enemies of ‘Bharat Mata’ have seen your fire and fury.

The Chief of Army Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat and Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane accompanied Prime Minister Modi in his Ladakh visit. Together, they interacted with the Army, Air Force, and ITBP personnel.

Sources say that this visit by PM Modi holds great importance. As India prepares itself for a probable war with China, this visit solves many purposes. First, it boosts the morale of the army. The LAC in Ladakh is one of the most difficult terrains to defend. The army personnel guards the borders in difficult climatic conditions. Their motivation matters a lot. Second, PM Modi not only warns China, but he threatens Pakistan and Nepal not to indulge in any mischievous activity. And third, it further encourages other victim countries to come together and act against Xi Jinping’s dictatorship regime. Recently, the Southeast Asian countries including Taiwan and Myanmar have raised their voices against China. Diplomatically, it creates multiple options for India. It has already strengthened its relations with the US, Japan, Germany, and France. Such as act by the Indian Prime Minister reaffirms India’s claims.

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