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“Lord Ram is Nepali, not Indian”, says PM Oli

It seems Nepal’s Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is hard bent to end his own political career. At least his recent claims against India indicate so. As per the Oli’s latest claims, Lord Ram was a Nepali and the real Ayodhya lies in Nepal and not in India.

As bizarre as it can sound, Oli’s remarks have kickstarted a controversy, once again, between Nepal and India. Indeed, this is what he aimed at.

According to the reports, Oli said that Ram’s birthplace of Ayodhya is not located in Uttar Pradesh but near the Balmiki Ashram in Thori in southern Nepal. He further said that Nepal has been a victim of cultural encroachment and its history has been manipulated by India.

Clearly, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is leaving no stone unturned to create a rift between India and Nepal. He has been ordered to do so by China. First, he altered Nepal’s map claiming Indian regions, then he stopped construction works at India-Nepal border to check flood water, and now he claims Lord Ram as Nepali.

However, while doing all this, Oli is setting an example of severe short-sightedness. While following the orders from Beijing, Oli is overlooking at the problems he has created for himself in Nepal. There is a very large section of Nepali citizens that want friendship with India. Almost 8 million Nepalis work in India. Nepal receives almost $330 million of remittance from India. And India accounts for almost 64% of Nepal’s total trade volume.  

Nepal and India not only share geography but history and religion as well. Both the countries have same cultural roots. At one point in time, Nepal was the only Hindu kingdom in the world. It seems that Oli has forgotten all these facts. And, by side-lining India, Oli is doing no good to himself, Nepal, and the Nepalis at large.

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