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Kuwait approves Expat Quota Bill, almost 8 lakh Indians to be forced to leave

It seems that almost 8 lakh Indians in Kuwait will have to head back to India. The legal and legislative committee of Kuwait`s National Assembly has approved the draft expat quota bill.

According to this bill, the population of Indians should not exceed 15% of the overall population of the country.  which could result in 8 lakh Indians leaving the country.

The Bill is now to be transferred to the respective committee to develop the comprehensive executable plan.

Currently, there are around 1.45 million Indians in Kuwait. The Indian community constitutes the largest expat community in Kuwait. Of the 4.3 million population of Kuwait, expats account for 3 million.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, the anti-expat rhetoric was making its grounds. In the wake of providing health facilities to Kuwaitis, the lawmakers and government officials proposed to reduce the number of foreigners in Kuwait.

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