It’s the Eclipse Season! Third Lunar Eclipse of the Year on July 5

The world will witness another celestial activity on 5th July 2020. It is the penumbral lunar eclipse of the year. NASA says the moon will appear full for nearly three days around the eclipse, from Friday evening into Monday morning.

The phenomenon will not be visible in all countries in the world. The eclipse would be visible in parts of North and South America and Europe. It will also be visible in the Western parts of Africa.

In India, the people will not be able to view it, because it will take place during the day time. The first contact with the penumbra will be at 8.30 am and the maximum impact of the eclipse would be at 9.59 am. The last contact with the penumbra would be at 11.21 am.

A Lunar Eclipse happens when the Earth came in between the Sun and the Moon and stops the Sunlight from reaching the Lunar surface casting its shadow on the Moon. There are three types of Lunar eclipses: Partial, Total, and Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. As the lunar eclipse is taking place on the full moon night, the eclipse of July 5 is being called the Thunder Moon Eclipse. 

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