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Is India ready for a war with China and Pakistan?

The tension between the United States of America and the Republic of China is growing every day. And, it has reached a level where things can take an ugly route at any moment. The US and China are gradually heading towards a war-like scenario. Experts believe that, by November this year, serious conflict is on the cards in the South China Sea region.

Either China would try invading Taiwan, or it will instigate a terror attack in the US. And, the US will retaliate to the adventurism by China. And the repercussions would be huge, sparing no one.

Pakistan getting closer to China than the Arabs

Recent developments suggest that Pakistan is slowly losing its allies in West Asia. And, to compensate for the ‘help’ that Pakistan used to get from the Arabs, it would try seeking the same from China. Pakistan’s FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi has already landed in the island city of Hainan in the South China Sea to discuss the ‘military cooperation’ between the two countries. As Pakistan is now completely under the influence of China, the later would definitely use Pakistan as the launchpad to create troubles in the Kashmir and the Ladakh regions. China would want to keep India engaged internally.

India to play a strategic role in the Quad

Though China would want to keep India engaged internally, India today is in a much stronger position to lead the joint army of the Quad, i.e. India, America, Australia, and Japan. The four countries have come together to challenge China’s dominance in the South China Sea. While the US has moved its naval forces to the region, India is also ramping up its bases in the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

India enhancing the military strength along the LAC and LOC

Along with advancement of the naval bases in the Andaman Islands, India is also enhancing its military powers in the Himalayas. India has deployed advanced defense tracking systems along the LAC and LOC. It has also deployed light-combat aircraft and other artillery units in the Himalayas. Moreover, the inclusion of Rafale fighter jets has already pushed India’s military might manifold.

China to use Pakistan’s terrorirts against India and the US

It is also to be believed that China is planning to utilize Pakistan-supported terrorists to create unrest in the US and in India. China would want both countries to get involved in their internal matters than to challenge China. China has been protecting terrorists like Hafiz Saeed. It has also maintained cordial relations with the Taliban. Therefore, it is highly possible that Cina would use them against the US and India to gain military mileage.

By the month of November, the snowfall would start in the Himalayas. This would give the Chinese an upper hand as they have already created better infrastructure on the other side of the LAC. Therefore, it is a possibility that China would instigate a terror attack in the months of October or November in India, and in the US. And this would be the beginning of the war.

Come what may, India is ready to tackle the situation. India has read and understood the writings on the wall. It has already made it stricter for the Chinese to do business in India. It has also toughened the visa norms for the Chinese. And, it has started populating its border areas well in advance. Diplomatically, India has already isolated Pakistan. It has strengthened its ties with Australia, Japan, and other European powers.

So, if the war happens, China would lose more than what it anticipates. And countries like Pakistan would repent their decision to participate in the war.

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