India will take the military route to deal with China if talks fail, says CDS Bipin Rawat

Signaling India’s commitments towards protecting its territories, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat made it clear that India will not hesitate to go for military options to deal with China’s aggression in Ladakh.

General Rawat said that India will first try to solve the issues through talks at both the diplomatic as well as military levels. However, if the talks fail, India will take the military route to reply to the aggressions of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in Ladakh and other parts of the LAC.

CDS Rawat also clarified that the Indian armed forces are more than capable and fully prepared to deal with any threat from China. He also said that all the principal intelligence agencies are well coordinated on this matter.

In the latest development at the LAC, China has proposed that its PLA would withdraw from the Finger 4 area only when Indian troops also step back the same distance.

As expected, India has rejected this proposal. It has also asked the Chinese troops to restore the May 5 position at not only the Finger 4 area but across the LAC.

As per the sources, the Chinese PLA has also started creating its base beside the Mansarovar Lake near Mount Kailash. The satellite images confirm the presence of concrete structures near the lake.

The Chinese troops have been developing such structures along the LAC since last year. These activities came into the light when in April 2020, the PLA troops reached Tibet plateau to conduct regular patrolling exercises. However, they violated the agreement between the two countries to maintain peace at LAC and built several infrastructures in many places.

Apart from troops, China has also deployed tanks, aircraft and other weapons in those areas.

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