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India asks Pakistan High Commission to reduce staff strength by half

The Indian Government has decided to further squeeze its diplomatic relations with Pakistan. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Tuesday, June 23, summoned Pakistan Charge d’ Affaires. It asked him to reduce the staff strength in the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi by 50 percent. MEA also said that it would reduce its staff strength in Islamabad to the same proportion as well.

MEA asked the Pakistan High Commission to implement the orders within 7 days.

The Indian Government said that Pakistan has been engaged in acts of espionage and has maintained dealings with terrorist organizations. The MEA also said that India had repeatedly expressed concern about the activities of officials of his Pakistan High Commission.

The Pakistan Charge d’ Affaires was reminded about the activities of the two officials, caught red-handed and expelled on May 31, 2020, as an example of espionage.

Sources say that such action was expected after what happened with two India officials in Islamabad. On June 22, two Indian officials were abducted at gunpoint and were severely ill-treated by the Pakistani officials. They were later returned on the same day when India created diplomatic pressure on Pakistan.

It is to be noted that Pakistan has been continuously violating the ceasefire along the LOC for the last several weeks. Also, it is now proven that China had deliberately conducted the mischievous act to attack the Indian Army on the night of June 15. And now Nepal has also started claiming Indian territories.

Putting all these acts into a perspective, it clearly appears that both Pakistan and Nepal are acting at the behest of China. Whereas, China wants to create a three-dimensional pressure on India to threaten its strengthening relations with the US and other European nations.

With such a threat lurking at the gates, India needs to count its steps carefully. By asking Pakistan to reduce its staff strength, India seems to have given a clear message to both Pakistan and China. Clearly, India is making its moves carefully.  

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