How can Sanjay Raut ask someone not to enter Maharashtra

Exposing Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut’s hypocrisy and dual face, actress Kangana Ranaut, on Thursday, September 3, accused him of openly threatening her.

Kangana Ranaut posted a tweet where she alleged Sanjay Raut of threatening her. She wrote, “Sanjay Raut Shiv Sena leader has given me an open threat and asked me not to come back to Mumbai after Aazadi graffitis in Mumbai streets and now open threats, why Mumbai is feeling like Pakistan occupied Kashmir?”

Kangana’s tweet came as a response to an article published in Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece Saamana where Sanjay Raut had advised Kangana not to return to Mumbai in case she was afraid of the Mumbai Police and had no faith in the government of Maharashtra.

The whole controversy started when some people put stickers or Aazadi Graffities on the footpath in Mumbai shaming Kangana Ranaut and some other media personalities. When the complaints were made against those stickers, the BMC did not act on it or bothered to remove them.

Sanjay Raut has been badmouthing the family and friends of Sushant Singh Rajput since the beginning of the controversy when the Mumbai Police declared Sushant’s death as a suicide and later did not investigate the matter professionally.

On the other hand, Kangana Ranaut has been vocal since the beginning and has exposed many Bollywood personalities in the case. Shortly after Sushant’s demise, Kangana has reopened the conversation about nepotism and favoritism in Bollywood that is said to promote star kids over outsiders. In a series of tweets posted last week, Kangana had also alleged that drugs are a commonplace occurrence in B-Town parties.

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