Haryana to reopen malls in Gurugram and Faridabad from July 1st

Malls in Haryana will once again witness some footfall from July 1. In a review meeting held on Sunday, June 28, the Haryana State Government has decided to reopen the malls in Gurugram Faridabad from July 1.

The government sources said that the mall will be operational once again but will have to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as prescribed by the central government.

In order, the Haryana government said, “State government had restricted the opening of shopping malls in the districts of Gurugram and Faridabad due to a large number of COVID-19 infected cases in these districts while in all other Municipalities, their opening was allowed. Now it has been decided to allow the opening of shopping malls in these two districts i.e., Gurugram and Faridabad w.e.f. 01.07.2020 following Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) issued by the central government.”

The government also clarified that persons above the age of 65 years and below the age of 10 years, persons with co-morbidities and pregnant women shall not be allowed in the malls.

The decision by the state government has brought some cheer on the retail shop owners and mall owners. However, it will be interesting how the public reacts to this decision. Gurugram and Faridabad districts are one of the most affected districts in Haryana. The state government is also planning to reimplement a ‘restricted lockdown’ in these cities.

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