Election Commission allows postal ballot for elderly ahead of Bihar election

The Election Commission today approved the postal ballot voting system for the elderly and COVID19 patients. This is being considered a big decision ahead of the assembly elections in Bihar that is expected to happen at the end of this year.

The Election Commission said that people over the age of 65 years will be able to vote by postal ballot in view of the coronavirus pandemic. Election Commission further said that people infected with coronavirus can also use this facility to cast their votes.

So far, people who were above the age of 80 years and those who were into essential services could use the postal ballot facility. The Election Commission has taken this step to protect the vulnerable from unnecessary exposure to the deadly virus.

 The medical fraternity and the government officials have clarified that people over the age of 65 are particularly vulnerable to the virus. Pregnant women and those suffering from chronic health conditions should also avoid unwanted contact with the coronavirus.

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