Do Increased Cases of Suicide Represent Less Social Bonding?

We are almost halfway passed through the year 2020 and witnessed much already. The global spread of COVID – 19, followed by its entry in India and now the outburst of the same. Amidst, all these troubled times from lockdown 1, 2, 3, 4 & then unlock 1, we noticed that few of the most famous silver screen stars have left us for the heavenly abode.

Few of the stars were suffering from diseases but few of them also committed suicide. And, to make a note, the ones who committed suicide had an amazing fan following & have been the in the show business for quite some time now with great hits under their belly at regular intervals.

What is the basic reason which leads them to take such an extreme step? Well, it’s Depression. Yes, depression is one of the most basic reasons for increasing suicide cases in society. The rate is increasing sharply in young citizens. In today’s time, the social circles have devastated largely and people hardly have time to share with their peers or friend.

Where the 90% of the nation is struggling from starvation, unemployment, family responsibilities & to meet most basic needs for themselves or their families, there are people who are not happy with money, fame, recognition & national level fan following. Ultimately, the most basic need for a human being is to communicate. To communicate with someone who can listen to him, can guide him, can understand his part of the emotions. And, when the social boundaries get restricted to the 4 walls and no-one to communicate, the depression arises.

So, it is important to keep talking to your loved ones. Talk to them about what they have achieved. How much privileged they are? How they can be valuable to society? How to approach relationships more than ego? How to love unconditionally? What importance do they hold in the lives of their loved ones?

These are some of the tips for the parents & the friends of the people who know that someone is suffering from depression in their circle. Never leave them alone and always try to make them learn about the positive side of their lives.


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