Director Shekhar Kapur wants to dedicate ‘Paani’ to Sushant Singh Rajput

“God willing, Paani will get made one day. If it does, I will dedicate it to Sushant”, said renowned Filmmaker Shekhar Kapur. Th Bollywood director sounded disappointed as he tweeted, “Paani has to be made with partners that walk-in humility, not in arrogance”.

In his tweet, Shekhar Kapur wrote, “If you want to journey with the Gods, or your creativity, you have to walk each step in devotion, in humility. God willing, Paani will get made one day. If it does, I will dedicate it to Sushant. But it has to be made with partners that walk in humility, not in arrogance,”


Clearly, Shekhar Kapur’s statement further strengthens the allegations that actress Kangana Ranaut put on the Bollywood Mafia. Clearly, he is let down by the way Sushant Singh got treated by his own colleagues.

In one of his statements, Shekhar Kapur had admitted that “I was devastated as I was passionate about the project. I had it with me for 15 years. I was working on it for so long. It was draining, it was art. It was not like if not this, I will make something else. When I saw Sushant, I felt he is the guy”.  

Sushant Singh Rajput was found dead in his Bandra apartment on June 14. His film ‘Paani’ was scrapped by Yashraj Films. Apparently, Shekhar Kapur was excited to work with Sushant Singh on this project; he was supposed to direct the movie. As per the reports, Sushant Singh Rajput cried a lot after getting to know that ‘Paani’ was scrapped.

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