Despite Nitish Kumar being the CM again, it is BJP who will rule the Cabinet this time

The BJP is eyeing for a bigger share of Ministers in the State cabinet even though it will be headed by Mr. Kumar.

After the declaration of results for the Bihar Assembly Election, 2020, the focus has now shifted to Patna for the formation of the Government. Throughout their election campaign the National Democratic Alliance has been consistent that if they are elected to power again, they will continue with Mr. Nitish Kumar as the Chief Minister of Bihar.

The clarification came after there have been pressing demands from within the BJP to have a CM candidate from BJP itself as JD(U) has won fewer seats and the face of Mr. Nitish Kumar is quite unpopular with the public. There are anger and anguish against him.

The political observers have decoded the agenda behind this move. The BJP is eyeing for a bigger share of Ministers in the State cabinet even though it will be headed by Mr. Kumar.

“It is quite natural that a party with a bigger number will proportionately get more ministers. So that is what can be expected here also,” a senior JD(U) leader told.

BJP has 12 ministers and JD(U) has 17 ministers in the outgoing Cabinet but after winning 74 seats it is eyeing some key portfolios at the expense of sitting JD(U) ministers. It will also retain the previous portfolios like Finance, IT, Health, Road Construction, Revenue, and Health.

BJP previously has been backstabbed by JD(U) in the allocation of portfolios to ministers by BJP quota. When Mr. Nitish Kumar asked for 2 Central Cabinet berth for JD(U), it was denied by BJP as his contribution is low. He returned to Bihar and expanded his Cabinet by adding 4 ministers the did not include anyone from the BJP quota.

BJP also has become cautious and now it will be playing a safe game to retain its position in the State Cabinet. BJP is a bit cautious too as it has lost two of its allies- Shivsena in Maharashtra and SAD in Punjab over a period of one year.

BJP has to face 5 assembly elections in 2021 and it is not in a position to lose any more allies and that is why it is not to push its allies too hard. It is hoping to contest the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections with AIADMK.

On the other hand, Tejaswi Yadav has alleged that the majority this time was with MGB and has asked for a re-counting of Postal Ballots.

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