Delhi on high alert as locusts enter Jasola Bhati forests

Monitoring the locust attack on the Delhi National Capital Region, the Delhi Government has issued an advisory to the South, West, and South-West district administrations to remain on high alert. The government has also involved the development commissioner, divisional commissioner, and the agriculture director to monitor the situation and take necessary action.

Earlier on Saturday morning, a large swarm of locusts covered the skies over many parts of Gurgaon. The swarms of locusts, spread across two kilometers, moved from west to east.

To tackle the possible attack of the locusts, Delhiā€™s Forest Department has been instructed to sprinkle medicines and chemicals, play DJs, beating drums, and dhols near the Jasola Bhati Mines area.

The government officials said that wind direction is currently going towards the south. However, if there happens any change in the wind direction, the locusts will also change their course.

The locust outbreak in India happened in the month of May when a large swarm of locusts flew into India from Pakistan. The crop-destroying swarms first attacked Rajasthan and then spread to Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh.

Belonging to the family of grasshoppers, locusts are feared the most by the farmers as they can finish acres of harvest in hours. Experts say that one square kilometer of locust swarm contains around 40 million locusts.

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