Dear Tanishq, what a fall!

Tanishq tried to rope in media groups like NDTV and India Today to the rescue. These media houses ran fake news of a mob attack on Tanishq Gandhidham store.

What was once a status symbol, Tanishq today has reduced itself to a mere joke in the market. It’s not that the brand has deteriorated its quality, nor it has broken away from the brand Tata. The brand still sells jewelry, however, it has added one more offering in its kitty. Tanishq now sells ‘secular’ jewelry and propagates the ‘secular’ agenda. And the latest story of a ‘mob attack’ on the Tanishq Gandhidham store by certain ‘secular’ media clearly confirms this claim.

It’s not that no other brand ever did advertisements based on religion, what Tanishq showcased was controversial. The Muslim Personal Law or the Sariya Law itself nullifies the marriage with a non-muslim. This means the girl in the Tanishq ad that got married to the Muslim boy must have converted her religion to Islam. In that case, how can she be practicing Hindu Rituals? By this logic, the entire concept of the Tanishq ad is a lie.

Moreover, now the cases of brutality on Hindu girls who got married into Muslim families are also being reported. This was not the case earlier. In the first place, such news never used to surface earlier. And second, the media houses used to avoid such news and reports. In this scenario, such an ad by Tanishq clearly shows the propaganda machinery at work. Clearly, there is a group that wants to change the perception and hide reality.

Also, when the controversy over the advertisement erupted and the Gandhidham store put an apology message, the Tanishq team pulled in media like NDTV and India Today to counter the stand. These media groups ran fake news of a mob attack at the Tanishq Gandhidham store. The fake news by these media groups got busted when the Gujarat Police reached the store and clarified that no mob attack has happened.

Amidst all the controversy, Tanishq emerges as the clear loser as it loses the faith of the public. And looking at the upcoming festive season and the wedding season, this loss could become very painful for the brand.

Jewelry is a sign of prosperity and is often related to auspicious occasions like marriages. A brand like Tanishq can advertise its new range of products and any schemes or offers that it plans to come up with during the festive season. In all the given circumstances, it should not have entered into propaganda machinery. As it chose to be part of the propaganda, it is now paying the price for propaganda.

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