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China pulls 1.5 Kms backward from LAC in Galwan Valley

And finally, Xi Jinping’s Chinese Army decided to pull back from the LAC. Yes, in a major development, China on Monday July 6, pulled back its troops and vehicles by al least 1.5 kilometres inside to their territory from the Line of Actual Control at three friction points i.e. Galwan, Hot Springs and Gogra.

Sources say that this disengagement exercise by Chinese PLA has been started as per agreed terms in the Corps Commander’s meeting. Sources confirm that Chinese PLA have removed their tents and structures at Patrolling Point 14, General area Galwan, Hotsprings and Gogra Post.

However, the Indian Army is keeping a constant vigil on Chinese movements along the LAC. It is reported that Chinese heavy armoured vehicles are still present in the depth areas in the Galwan river area.

It is to be noted that in the last round of military talks held between the two-nation at Chushul sector, India firmly put forward its demand and asked the Chinese troops to pullback from friction site along the LAC.

Sources also attribute this development to PM Modi’s recent visit to Leh. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Leh on Saturday and gave a stern message to Xi Jinping to avoid any kind of adventurism. China’s expansionism is now completely exposed and the world is now ready to counter China by all means.

India have been successful in creating pressure on China through diplomatic, military and economic routes. Earlier it banned 59 Chinese apps that was a major setback for the China. Simultaneously, it accumulated and strengthened its defence system along the LAC by deploying heavy artilleries. And then it aligned with countries to create pressure diplomatically. Interestingly, countries in the South China sea have started warning China to refrain from disturbing their sovereignty.  

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