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China must stop construction work along LAC: Indian Envoy

India has replied to China in the language that it understands. The Indian Envoy to China has asked Beijing to stop the construction of new structures along the Line of Control (LAC).

The India Envoy Vikram Misri was quoted giving such remarks by the news agency PTI. The Indian Envoy considers that this is the only way to deescalate the matters between the two sides.

Misri also denied China’s claim of sovereignty over Galwan Valley. He said that the claims are “completely untenable”. The government has also been rejecting such claims by China. The government has even said that such claims don not have any merit and are actually complicating the situation.

Misri further added that the actions taken by Chinese forces on the ground have damaged considerable trust in the bilateral relationship. He said that China’s attempt to alter the status quo on the ground can have ‘ripples and repercussions’ in the broader bilateral relationships.

A 1989-batch diplomat, Ambassador Vikram Misri hails from Srinagar. He understands the ground situation very well and is believed to be an expert in India-China relations.

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