Brace for impact, this is your Pilot speaking

It seems Sachin Pilot has given the final command to his supporters in Rajasthan. It seems he is ready to crash land the Gehlot government, come what may.

Even though Ashok Gehlot has confirmed the majority by parading around 100 MLAs at his residence in Jaipur on Monday, the Sachin Pilot supporters claim that Gehlot’s government is in minority. They claim that more than 30 MLAs have extended support to Sachin Pilot and will leave Congress whenever Sachin calls for it.

On the other hand, the Congress leadership claims there is nothing to worry in Rajasthan. The government is intact, and so are the MLAs. The Congress leadership also claim that they have spoken to Sachin Pilot and are ready to listen to and address his concerns.

So, looking at the current situation in Rajasthan, one can easily say that there are too many claims being made by everyone. But, the only thing that appears certain is that Sachin Pilot is not in a mood to take the U-turn.

Sachin Pilot has been served ‘show cause notice’ over sedition charges by his own government. This is a ‘never-heard-nor-seen’ situation for everyone. And this FIR actually blocks Pilot’s return to the base.

It is for sure that Sachin Pilot will not stay in Congress anymore. Whether he forms his own party or joins Bhartiya Janata Party is something that only time can tell. However, his supporters have also claimed that he is not going to joing BJP. Yet another claim!

Well, every action has some reaction. And every reaction bears some repercussions. Where Sunday was full of action, the Monday showed some high-voltage reactions. Can Tuesday deliver some repercussions in Rajasthan? Let’s see.

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